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The defining purpose of Resultslab is to transofrm insight into action and learning into change. It focusses on helping users implement learnings from training sessions, performance feedback sessions or coaching sessions in a positive, social and collaborative online environment.
The key features of this SAAS solution are:
  • It provides a platform for participants to follow through on the learnings they might have gathered from different sources
  • It helps participants share how they applied their learnings (rather than just ‘what’ they learned) with the community of learners, making learning social (with an option for Private learning events as well)
  • It helps create an organizational memory of application of ideas, helping new learners learn from past experiences of others
  • It helps create powerful reports about how learning was implemented in the workplace, allowing you to tweak your training strategy and spend
  • It can also be integrated with your existing competency map or skill matrix
These are a few key features. Ripples has successfully implemented this solution in Altisource, Freudenberg, Monotype, Interra etc and have had a positive results.
The testimonials, as well as several other details are available on the website