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Client Certification
Certifying Client Facilitators in our proprietary content
Ripples of Change
Community Radio, Scholarships, The Teacher Project and more...
HR Training
Certified Human Resource Management Professional
Sales Training
Certified Sales & Marketing Professional
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Online Courses
E-Learning courses help you learn from your home at minimal investment
Ripples Lab
A non-profit initiative by Ripples in the pursuit of Knowledge. Driven by the attitude of curiosity.
Philosophy                                             Contribution

What drives us. Who we are. Why we exist.

It is our mission to help people whom we touch create well-being and fulfilment in their lives.
Nurturing Creators

Ripples Learning is a force for good, a thought leader in the learning space. A unique set of orginal offerings which helps individuals become not only performers but creators. A powerful combination of original content and a powerful learning experience ensures maximum impact.
Training and Development

Ripples Learning is a learning company with a vision to redefine personal and professional development. We aim to achieve this through knowledge creation and inspiring action. We work with the corporate world, NGOs, government and individuals. Our learning academy is based in Bangalore, India.

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Soft Skills
Incisive training solutions geared for maximum impact. Measurable.