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Resultslab transforms insight into action and learning into change. It focuses on helping users implement learnings from training sessions, performance feedback sessions or coaching sessions in a positive, social and collaborative online environment. Resultslab eliminates the blind-spot that all change-agents have once their intervention is over.
Certified Human Resource Management Professional
C.H.R.M.P: Certified Human Resource Management Professional (C.H.R.M.P) is our flagship program. This program is meant for students or professionals who are interested in a career in the field of Human Resources and are looking to enhance their skill-set as well as gain practical exposure of how things happen in the ‘real world’. Immensely popular and very professionally conducted C.H.R.M.P has gained credence not only from testimonials by Certificate Holders but also in form of endorsements from the leading lights in the field of Human Resources. You can also obtain a C.H.R.M.P certification online. We use the platform of WizIQ, among other tools for this.
Certified Learning & Development Professional is a powerful certification course for Learning & Development professionals who aspire to be Facilitators.The course is extremely practical in nature and will power-up your technical and soft-skills trainers to consistently deliver great programs to ensure maximum knowledge transfer or skill building.
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