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Time Management tools and techniques are based on an intellectual understanding of time and rational attempts to manage it. Time is a deep human experience and the way it is experienced is often very different from the way it is measured. Inability to ‘flow’ with time creates resistance, fractured awareness, lack of involvement and stress.

This one-day reflective workshop equips participants with revolutionary insights about time. It helps participants deepen their understanding of the ‘flow experience’ – when peak performance is effortless and comes naturally. Participants learn to differentiate between the intellectual and experiential concepts of time. They learn how to attempt to recreate the flow experience in their lives. Future pacing, present-moment-awareness and I-witnessing are taught to participants to try and recreate the flow experience. Participants also learn specific visioning techniques and how peak performance naturally happens when one is aligned in environment, behavior, capabilities, beliefs, values, identity and purpose.

The program is based on ken that includes Quantum Physics, Metaphysics, Sports Psychology and Peak Performance Coaching.


Sense of Time
Feeling of Time Passing
Neurological Levels
Effortless Peak Performance
Test Operate Test Exit Model
Future Pacing


The methodology of delivery includes

Lecture sessions
Reflective Exercises
Music based Exercises
Small Group Activity
Thought Experiments