Learning Consulting

Ripples Learning works with you through a collaborative diagnostic process to create a customized solution to meet the exact learning needs of your organization. Learning Consulting Includes


DISCOVERY: The Discovery Phase allows us to examine and assess the unique learning needs of the organization we are partnering with. We take a scientific competency based approach to understanding your learning needs.

DESIGN: The Design Phase utilizes our expertise and experience to your benefit as we build our Learning Intervention to suit the needs uncovered in the Discovery Phase. The Learning Objects that are the building blocks of our Design are validated against the Ripples Learning Cycle.

DELIVERY: The Delivery Phase has a trained Workshop Leader delivering the Learning Intervention powerfully. All our Learning Interventions are delivered using cutting edge learning technologies like NLP, Accelerated Learning, Radiant Thinking. We design the delivery event to be experiential and conform to the Ripples Learning Cycle.

EFFECTIVENESS: The Effectiveness Phase includes a Kirkpatrick Level 1 Guarantee for our clients. We also measure all our Learning Interventions at Kirkpatrick Level 2 through self assessment by participants. Kirkpatrick Level 3 assessments are available for most programs. We also deliver Effectiveness results using our unique Outcome Case Report.

PERSONALIZED COACHING: We realize that while Learning Delivery happens in a group setting, participants face individual challenges while putting ideas into action. Our unique services like ‘Ask the Coach’ and ‘Facilitator Call-back’ empowers individuals to create sustainable changes.

RIPPLING: Rippling is about taking the learning to the workplace. Through a simple Rippling Tool available on our web site, participants are able to implement and report the distinctions they have made in their workplace and life. This commitment to action is also reported and captured for you in our ‘Training Impact Report’. This is where we celebrate the success of expansion and growth in the participants. The Participant has now become a Ripple of Change.