What is CHRMP?

Certified Human Resource Management Professional (CHRMP) is a course in Human Resource Management (HRM) with an emphasis on real-time application and best practices.

If you are an HR Manager / Employer

Raised Standards: When you insist on your professional HR staff becoming certified in CHRMP, you help ensure updated HR programs and policies and execution in your organization

Homogenize Knowledge: Various HR professionals in your HR department, from different backgrounds, experiences and qualifications create a natural disparity in the quality of output being delivered. Your best and most sincere people might not be able to add the most value, simply because their degree or their qualifications did not equip them to do so. When you send them for a CHRMP certification, they gain access to the very best in HR skill-base, giving you an ROI many times over\

Validate Quality of HR Professionals: When your HR professionals become CHRMP, you are assured of their knowledge and skills and can rest assured know that they will deliver the goods
Certified Human Resource Management Professional
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